Bird Hunting

Quality walked up shooting in beautiful estates 

France, several locations 


About this trip

We offer a wide selection of estates for bird hunting. These trips are made for the traditional walked up shooting enthusiatics. Your own dogs are more than welcome. If you wish to travel without dog, a team of keepers will work their dogs to flush the birds.

We walk most of the day, following the dogs. The day can be ended by a duck flight. Ducks will be flushed and shot at then the guns will wait until dark for the ducks to return.

We also can organise driven days for teams of 6 to 12 guns to shoot pheasants, partridges and/or ducks.


Pheasants (common and sometimes reeves), red-legged partridges, grey partridges, woodcocks, ducks and the odd rabbits or hares.


  • South West of France (private and/or public land)
  • South of Paris (close to the iconic French capital – the Sologne area, very famous for hosting some of the best birds hunting estates)
  • Northern France (easy access from Belgium, Germany and the UK)

Bag – Team 

We offer bags to suit any requirement. Generally around 8-10 head of game per gun but bigger bags can be achieved easlily.

A “normal” walked up day over dogs is for a team of 4 to 8 guns. But we also welcome single guns as well as smaller teams.


1st September to end of February


We offer our guests a selection of lovely local hotels offering comfortable rooms, tasty food and fine local wines.


We arrange all the paper work for you. Your hunting licence will be ready when you arrive.


Day : early season (September – October ) 15°C to 30°C – late season (November – January) 0°C to 15°C



Additional information

Number of hunters

1 to 12 guns

Number of days

1 to 3 days