Duck Shooting

Driven high ducks at its finest 

Toulouse, South of France


About this trip

This private estate has been organizing mallard duck hunting france for 25 years in the tradition of the great English and Spanish driven shoots. This hunt both surprises and appeals to hunters who like to shoot several hundred cartridges at high flying mallards. These birds fly at surprising heights, which means that only tightly choked guns are used.

The estate is 60 km Est from « Toulouse International Airport » with direct flights from most European capitals and 25 km from « Castres-Mazamet airport » where all private planes can land.


Minimum 200 ducks up to 1000 ducks


1st September to end of January


We offer our guests a selection of lovely local hotels offering comfortable rooms, tasty food and fine local wines.


We arrange all the paper work for you. Your hunting licence will be ready when you arrive.

This estate can hire shotguns FREE OF CHARGE (Browning and winchester – semi autos and O/U)


Day : early season (September – October ) 15°C to 30°C – late season (November – January) 5°C to 15°C



Additional information

Number of hunters

2 to 8 guns (minimum bag of 200 ducks)

Number of days

1 to 2 days