Red Deer

Free range Red Stag hunting in beautiful surroundings

Pyrenees Mountain, South of France


About this trip

Hunting season: Stalking during the rut only (25 September – 20 October).

What an exiting trip! You can hear the stags roaring and try to get close enough to make the perfect shot! Red deer are such majestic animals. Being able to hunt them in the beautiful mountains of south of France is a real privilege.

France is regarded as the perfect country for red deer hunting. With large areas of tens of thousands of hectares in untouched mountains, the management of the red deer populations has paid off and we are now able to harvest some beautiful and heavy 10 and 12 pointers each season in the Pyrenees Mountains.

We can offer …

  • Trophy Red Stag hunting
  • Cull (management) Red Stag hunting
  • Hind and Calf hunting


We will normally book our guests in a lovely local hotel offering comfortable rooms, good food and local wines. Some parties prefer to rent a charming cottage for the week, especially if they travel with family.


We arrange all the paper work for you. Your hunting licence will be ready when you arrive.


Night : 0°C to 5°C / Day : 5°C to 20°C



Additional information

Number of hunters

1 to 6 hunters on 1X1 or 2X1 basis

Number of days

2 to 5 hunting days